Pre Pre Launch: Feature development, Testing
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Start of project Feb 14 2021
ALPHA-Phase to be announced

What is Marketier?

On a basic level, Marketier is a software service in the pre-pre-launch phase offering a variety of tools to assist marketing agencies and creative freelancers managing their client work. At the moment, this includes a social media manager like Facebooks Business Manager, an SEO analysis tool for websites, a client manager for notes and data related to your clients, and a greenlighting tool.

All these tools get tied together by our team management feature – a way for you to invite your coworkers, give roles and permissions to them, and share resources with them.

Our goal is to build a full workflow marketing suite covering everything from concept creating to content analysis. We want to get a clear understanding of what marketers need on a day-to-day basis. Helping with that is our partner M&K Braunschweig.
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Our current status

Right now, we are in the pre-pre-launch phase of this project. We have already developed the user dashboard, including many of the advertised features like our SEO analysis tool, team management panel, and client database. We are currently working on the social media manager – a comprehensive part of Marketier – and the greenlighting tool.

In addition to our feature set, we want to make sure Marketier is secure, easy to use, and optimized. Once we are sure Marketier is ready for the public, we will go over to the BETA phase, where we will have closed-beta tests with selected users in the marketing field.

Who is behind Marketier?

The lead developer and designer for Marketier is Maurice Freuwört – a german full stack web developer and freelancer. Helping with this project's marketing is the agency M&K Braunschweig. As experienced media designers and marketing experts, they help promote Marketier and guide the development with their feedback.