Marketier's tools and features

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is our pendant to Facebook's Business Manager. It allows you to create social media posts, plan and program them ahead of time, and greenlight them via our greenlighting tool. All for a variety of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Task Manager

With our task managing tool, you can organize your everyday tasks, create shared objectives or assign tasks to your coworkers. Additionally, you can add checklists to them to keep track of progress and link clients from your client database to coherently categorize your work.

Time Tracker

Analyze your productivity with our time tracking feature. Just check-in at the start of your day or shift and select the action, work, or task you are doing. As an administrator, you have insight into your employees' timetables and can help optimize the time spent on specific tasks or clients.

Greenlighting Tool

A freshly finished print design or social media post needs greenlighting of a client? Look no further than our greenlighting tool. Just drag and drop the elements that need greenlighting into one of our template presentation layouts or create a custom layout, select the clients you need approval from, and send them a unique greenlighting presentation page - all in the comfort of one application.

SEO Analysis Tool

Stay above the piles of data and analyze your websites' SEO parameters like a pro. Just enter the URL you want to scan and get a comprehensive list of tips and suggestions to improve your or your client's website ranking.

Client Database

The client database is the cornerstone of your team. It doubles both as a note manager for your internal client data as well as a fundamental part of the workflow you can build using Marketier. You can link the clients entered in the client database to specific tasks, use them as a category for the time tracker, or link SEO reports to them. In short: just practical!

Team Management

To top it all of you have teams. Use Marketier together with your coworkers or employees. You can assign roles to your team members and restrict access to individual tools. Upload your logo and enter your slogan. Reflect your real-life team with our virtual counterpart.